Frank Miller returning to Batman with new 'Dark Knight Returns' comic 'The Golden Child'

Sept. 13 (UPI) — Famed comic book writer Frank Miller is returning to Batman with a new story set in his Dark Knight Returns universe titled The Golden Child.

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child will be a 48-page standalone issue that releases on Dec. 11. Rafael Grampa is returning to comics for the first time in six years to provide the art.

The comic will take place following the events of 2015’s Dark Knight III: Master Race which Miller co-wrote with Brian Azzarello with art by Andy Kubert.

Carrie Kelley will return as Gotham City’s new protector Batwoman as she teams up with Lara Kent, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, in order to take on a new threat. The duo will also be joined by Lara’s brother Jonathan Kent, who possesses unimaginable powers and is referred to as the Golden Child.

Miller’s Batman universe first started with the release of the legendary The Dark Knight Returns in 1986 which he wrote and illustrated. The series featured an older Batman in the future coming out of retirement, recruiting Carrie and having an epic clash with Superman.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again, also written and drawn by Miller, continued the story starting in December 2001 followed by Master Race. A standalone prequel issue, Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, was released in 2016 written by Miller and Azzarello with art from John Romita Jr.

“The Dark Knight Returns story began with its heroes getting older,” Miller said in a statement.

“Now we’re seeing the next generation of heroes in action, and Rafael was the obvious choice for me to usher in these heroes that are vigorous, untested and loaded with promise. I think that Jonathan Kent in particular will surprise everybody with his unforeseen abilities and impossible mind.”

Variant covers for Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child will be released featuring art from Miller, Kubert, Paul Pope and Joelle Jones.

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