Liz Cheney: 'No Question' That Trump Has Made The World A 'Safer' Place

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said on Sunday that President Donald Trump’s foreign policy is making the world a “safer” and more stable place, according to The Hill.

Speaking with NBC News host Chuck Todd, the Wyoming congresswoman said, “There’s no question that the world is safer” under the Trump presidency.

“[We’re] in a situation where American leadership has come back,” she said. Cheney then blamed former President Obama for the loss of that leadership, saying under his watch, the military “did not get the resources it needed.”

Trump withdrew from deals with other countries — namely the Iran nuclear deal — that “made us less safe,” Cheney said.

Todd pushed back on the congresswoman’s narrative, The Hill noted, asking “why India and Pakistan are closer to war and tensions are growing between Japan and South Korea if the world is ‘safer.’”

He suggested other presidents would not allow such tense situations to “fester” as Trump has, and wondered if this is why the president has blown through three national security advisers in his first term.

John Bolton, the third individual to hold the position, resigned last week — though he and Trump have disagreed over whether Bolton resigned or was fired by the president.

Asked if that situation bothers her, Cheney replied, “Bolton served the nation honorably in a number of positions, but the president has a right to keep around him who he decides.”

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