Dan Aykroyd Confirms That He'll Be Appearing in 'Ghostbusters 2020'

We still don’t quite know how exactly Jason Reitman‘s Ghostbusters 2020 will connect to the original movie, and we also can’t be sure which original stars will be back. We have heard, however, that Sigourney Weaver is set to reprise the role of Dana Barrett. And in a new chat with Joe Rogan, producer Dan Aykroyd confirms that he’ll also be back as Ray Stantz!

I’m not in the pictures so much anymore. We’ve got the Ghostbusters movie that we’re working on now and I will have to be performing in that,” Aykroyd told Rogan.

He continued, “Ivan Reitman’s son Jason has written a new movie… the third movie. It will be all… most of the original people and then young stars.”

Aykroyd also says he’s “hoping” that Bill Murray will be along for the ride.

The new film, a sequel to the original classic, centers on a family that moves back home to a small town where they learn more about who they are.

The new cast includes Paul Rudd, Finn WolfhardMckenna GraceCarrie CoonCeleste O’Connor and Logan Kim.

Ghostbusters will return to theaters on July 10, 2020.

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