The Sopranos

The show has today topped a poll of the best shows of the century so far

The creator of HBO’s acclaimed drama The Sopranos has opened about why he wrote the series in an emotive new interview.

David Chase, 74, spoke to The Guardian about writing the drama on the day the show topped a Guardian poll of ‘Best TV Shows of the Century So Far’, published today.

Speaking about how his character creation, Tony Soprano – played by the late James Gandolfini – accessed therapy, Chase said he himself had been “saved” by therapy after being encouraged to attend by his wife.

Chase explained: “I was thinking, not The Godfather, but I have that thing about the guy going to therapy. Maybe I’ll try that.”

“She saved my life”, Chase explained of his wife, saying his first accessed a therapist after his wife’s sister died of a brain aneurysm and struggled with his mother’s reaction to it, their relationship being a strained one.

He explained: “My wife had lost her sister and all I could talk about was my parents and the problems they created for me. I was just totally selfish. And my wife said to me, ‘You need help.’”

The Sopranos

Last week, it was announced that three of the best known stars from The Sopranos will head to the UK for a theatre tour next year. Tickets for the event are on sale here.

To belatedly mark 20 years of the iconic crime drama, Steve Schirripa, Vincent Pastore and Michael Imperioli will head out to venues including the London Palladium in May next year. The trio, who played Bobby ‘Bacala’, Salvatore Big Pussy Bonpensiro  and Christopher Moltisanti respectively, will entertain audiences with stories of their time filming the iconic show.

“The legendary trio will take fans behind the scenes of the lauded gangster drama—the stories, the dramas, the laughs—not to mention the countless theories about the show’s controversial finale,” reads an official release. “Fans will be given the opportunity to ask anything and everything they’ve ever wanted to know about the show.”

The tour comes as production continues on Newark – the anticipated Sopranos prequel. Based on the acclaimed HBO series, the prequel stars the likes of Jon Bernthal, Alessandro Nivola and Ray Liotta . It will reportedly follow the formative years of Tony Soprano, with Michael Gandolfini, the son of the late James playing a younger version of his father’s famous character.

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