This Company Can Turn A Pet Into A Royal Portrait And Here Are 59 Of The Best Ones

We all love our pets to bits, even if they’re little troublemakers who meow endlessly in the morning or leave little doggie surprises on the carpet. And while some regard their critters as loyal companions who are one step lower than the humans of the family, the others treat them as equals. Well, there’s also that third group of people who treat their beloved pets as complete royalty. And what better way to make that clear than with a regal portrait of your favorite animal?

Crown & Paw is a company that specializes in creating custom pet portraits by combining authentic 19th-century portraits and rare Renaissance-era oil paintings with photos of animals. “Crown & Paw began as a passion project,” reveals the company’s creator. “We spent a rainy weekend in Amsterdam, riding bicycles down the picturesque canals, eating tasty waffles and pancakes, and visiting some of the most beautiful art galleries in the world such as the Stedelijk and the Rijksmuseum.” That’s where the inspiration came from.

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