Tyler, the Creator’s lyrics have got an Alabama student in trouble

A student at the University of South Alabama has been charged with making a terrorist threat after scrawling Tyler, the Creator lyrics on campus property.

According to a criminal complaint, 21-year-old Jack Aaron Christensen is accused of writing “kill people, burn shit, fuck school, hail satan 666, praise the devil” on a flip chart in a library. The opening words are taken from Tyler, the Creator’s 2011 song “Radicals”, and were reportedly written “on or around” September 11, which marked the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The track opens: “Random disclaimer! / Hey, don’t do anything that I say in this song, OK? / It’s fucking fiction / If anything happens, don’t fuckin’ blame me, white America.”

This is not the first time the musician’s lyrics have caused legal conflict. In 2012, Tyler’s collective Odd Future was banned from performing at a New Zealand festival due to their lyrical content. Two years later, the group was again blocked and deemed “a potential threat to public order” by the country’s immigration agency. In 2015, Tyler was banned from the UK by Theresa May because his presence in the UK was not considered “conducive to the public good”. Following May’s resignation earlier this summer, the rapper tweeted: “theresa gone, im back.”  

Tyler recently performed his first UK show since the ban was lifted – after his last attempt went awry. During the show, the musician referred to May as “that bitch (who) banned me”, then towards the show’s ending, said: “I don’t take back nothing I said. I’ll never apologise. They can suck my dick… I’m really happy I’m back.”

Listen to “Radicals” below.

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