Artist Takes Photos On The Plane To Mock Horrible Passengers

Those who fly often probably noticed that planes attract the most peculiar crowds. It seems that low pressure up in the sky somehow correlates with low decency. From people who put up their smelly feet on fellow passenger’s armrests, or even all the way up the seat in front of them, to the ones refusing to keep their unruly kids at bay, and of course let’s not forget those who always to board and exit the plane as if no other passengers exist, you probably have seen it all. And if you feel like you didn’t, we have covered these passengers thoroughly, here, here and here.

Finally, it’s time for something new. This time, we are covering an artist, Michael James Schneider, who mocks these type of people by impersonating them in photoshoots taken on a plane. Schneider turns himself into a trickster plane passenger and takes photos that are hilariously entertaining photos as long as you know that nobody had to deal with this type of passenger in real life. So let’s just hope that nobody will get an idea to hit pinata on plane and scroll below to see the list of his photos!

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