Photographer Explores The Universe At Our Feet With Macro Photos Of Droplets In Nature

When we seek the unknown, we gaze at the stars, imagining all of the wonders they’re hiding. But there’s a whole universe at our feet, just waiting for explorers. Don Komarechka from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, is one of them. His macro photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how everything works, even the ones we cannot see with our own eyes.

“I had always loved science but never had a mind for the theory,” Komarechka told Bored Panda. “Photography became my way of exploring the world in ways I couldn’t see with my own eyes, combining science and art. I was inspired early on by my father who had a lifelong love of photography from a young age but could never pursue it professionally. When a long-term illness was close to claiming his life, he gave me an envelope with money inside, asking me to spend it on something that he could see me enjoy. I went out and bought my first camera, and we bonded over the sharing of photographic knowledge before the end.”

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