The tiny community of Wangkatjungka, situated 100km south-east of Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia

A group of extreme Christian missionaries is causing irreversible trouble in outback Wangkatjungka, in Australia, by burning sacred Aboriginal objects because they are “all from the devil”, while believing that dead people can be reanimated.

Aboriginal Culture Branded ‘Devil Worship’

An investigation by ABC’s Background Briefing has revealed a group of Christian missionaries touting that traditional Aboriginal culture is devil worship, and according to ABC News they are burning sacred objects in the Australian Kimberley region and have dismantled and burned a spiritual law ground.

The Christian group, led by Tongan-born Pentecostal preacher Ana Makahununiu, aims to actively destroy 66,000 years of developed Aboriginal traditions and the charlatan also promises to bring people back from the dead, even though her efforts have clearly failed.

A Daily Mail report quoting Labor senator Pat Dodson says he described the group as “a type of virus with no real credibility” and that the gospel is about liberation, and this openly racist anti-Aboriginal group of God fearing born-again Christians are performing acts “of bastardry.”

There are about 180 permanent residents in Wangkatjungka, and they have strong links to their desert culture. But the community suffers numerous social issues and perhaps this is why they have fallen victim to the ramblings of Ana Makahununiu.

Evil Cult Group Tries to Raise the Dead

Just like Hitler did with the Jews and Gypsies, this evil cult group is dehumanizing local people, and while Hitler stopped short of claiming divine reasoning, this self-obsessed narcissist, Ana Makahununiu, claims to be a “prophetess” who channels the word of God. Unfortunately, her God encourages its followers to burn “satanic objects” they claimed were cursing their community.

Believing the entire Aboriginal culture should be burned, the group also thinks that the resurrection of dead people can be achieved through prayer, which rings of deep rooted sociopathic tendencies involving adults who simply cannot imagine a world in which they are not there. This worrying level of undiagnosed mental health issues led the group to attempt resurrecting a baby girl at her funeral, delaying her burial “for several hours” while the deluded adults prayed for the baby to “wake.”

The Wangkatjungka Cultural Bonfire

The trouble all started in 2015 with the arrival of the young Tongan preacher, Ana Makahununiu, in the Aboriginal community of Wangkatjungka. No sooner had she arrived before she began baptizing dozens of local people as “born again Christians” and gullible local women began calling her a “prophetess” – in reality she is a cultural huntress.

It was a year after Makahununiu arrived that her followers built a massive bonfire to rid the world of “satanic objects” and filmed the whole ordeal.

A grainy video showing the raging bonfire includes people cheering as Aboriginal artifacts are thrown into the flames and one of the cult followers says that for many years “we have been deceived by Satan and his demonic beings.” And if you are wondering what these Satanic curses consisted of that needed burning, one woman told ABC’s Background Briefing that she was a smoker, and after the fire she never smoked again, and she “thanks the Lord for that.”

The tiny community of Wangkatjungka, situated 100km south-east of Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia’s Kimberley region and is made up of 180 permanent residents. Credit: Google Maps

The Prophetess of Doom

Ms Makahununiu is not only a pathological liar, evident in her promising to bring dead people back to life, but also a parasite in that her followers “paid” for all her food and accommodation in Wangkatjungka for about three years.

She now lives in Sydney preaching her poison at a Pentecostal church in Homebush. Admitting to working cash-in-hand jobs, she makes no excuses for ripping off the Australian public admitting she’s not legally allowed to work in Australia due to her visa status, thus paying no taxes.

And in a shallow attempt at rationalizing burning Aboriginal artifacts, Makahununiu said her focus was for the people who were “addicted to drugs or alcohol, cigarettes, all those things.” Because God manages cigarette and alcohol production companies, of course. And there seems no bounds to her narcissism which shines in her comment that the most important thing for her was to see the people happy “and free not to live in bondage” of satanic evil spirits.

Ana Makahununiu, a pentecostal preacher who lived in the Kimberley for three years. (Credit: ABC News / Scott Mitchell)

Ana Makahununiu, a pentecostal preacher who lived in the Kimberley for three years. (Credit: ABC News / Scott Mitchell)

The Real Motives of Ana Makahununiu

Nationally, alcohol causes cancer, injury and death and an Alcohol Rehab report estimates that over 3,000 deaths per year are linked with excessive consumption of alcohol in Australia, and over 5,000 (or 5 percent) of all cancers are due to chronic, long-term abuse of alcohol. What is more, excessive alcohol consumption is the cause of about 81,000 hospitalizations annually and between 2004 and 2005 this was estimated to cost the Australian community around to A$15 billion.

Why then did Ms Makahununiu not burn Australian football shirts in pubs in Sydney attempting to destroy the greater works of her Satan and his cultural curses? Why not? Because she would have been run out of town so quickly that her lying little legs wouldn’t know what hit them, therefore, she hid herself in the outback, corrupting and poisoning the minds of more trusting indigenous folk.

And why might she now live in Sydney? Well there are only so many dead little girls that one “cannot” bring back to life before one has to find new victims to pay their way in life.

Top image: Christian group burns ‘satanic objects’ in bonfire. Credit: Andris / Adobe Stock

By Ashley Cowie

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