Starbucks is Offering Up a

Sadly, yours likely won’t come with a Pennywise drawing on it.

From what we gather, there’s been an “IT Frappuccino” on Starbucks‘ mysterious “secret menu” ever since the first film came out back in 2017, but the sequel’s release earlier this month has brought the beverage back into the spotlight. Perfectly timed for the Halloween season, the “bloody” frappuccino is even being advertised at select Starbucks locations.

But don’t worry, you can get it at *any* Starbucks location!

Barista @Tinker_Hell, who drew the awesome Pennywise art seen above on a lucky customer’s cup, explains how you should go about ordering the drink at your local Starbucks:

“*PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS AS THE IT FRAPPUCCINO, your barista will likely NOT know what that is. Order a Vanilla bean frappuccino with strawberry purée on top!”

The “IT Frappuccino” is a vanilla bean frappuccino with strawberry puree drizzle and a dried strawberry topping. The drizzle looks like blood, and the strawberries on top represent Pennywise’s iconic red balloons. According to our friend @SexyArmpit, it’s “bangin!”.

Float over to your local Starbucks and order one while you can!

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