Cece Gutierrez Wipes Her Spit Off Malaysia Pargo’s Bare Arm

l-r: Malaysia, Cece on Basketball Wives, VH1

On Basketball Wives, executive producer Shaunie O’Neal invites the ladies (sans Jennifer Williams) to Costa Rica where she says she’s considering investing in the local real estate market. But that’s not the interesting part of the trip. At a group dinner, Cece Gutierrez and her future daughter-in-law Kristen Scott once again come to blows over who’s been saying what behind the other ladies’ backs.

When Kristen brings up the text that she received from Cece that reportedly called OG ugly, Cece tells everyone that Kristen called Shaunie a bitch… two years ago, before she met her.

Kristen says she doesn’t remember but apologizes to Shaunie if she did — and then proceeds to once again blame Cece for causing friction between her fiance Byron Scott and his children, including Kristen’s husband Thomas. Cece also says that Kristen has turned Malaysia Pargo, Byron’s cousin, against her.

Cece gets so frustrated by the conversation she shushes Kristen. Kristen shushes her back. It goes back and forth a number of times so much so that Cece accidentally spits on the bare arm of Malaysia who’s sitting right next to her. Watch Cece subtly try to wipe her spit off Malaysia’s arm in the video above.

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