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Some key minds responsible for the original Elder Scrolls games are teaming up once more to deliver a new RPG experience.

Ted Peterson (a former Elder Scrolls designer), Julian LeFay (the director of The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall), and Vijay Laksham (lead designer and producer on The Elder Scrolls: Arena) have teamed up to form Once Lost Games. They’re joined by Ian Phoenix: the studio’s marketing director and the operator behind the YouTube channel Indigo Gaming. 

The team is working on a new “open-world fantasy adventure” that will “boast revolutionary technology and game design.” Unfortunately, there isn’t much official information available regarding the project beyond that brief description. 

However, there’s plenty of room here for some educated speculation. Given the talent involved with this studio, though, it seems likely that their games will bear more than a passing resemblance to the Elder Scrolls series. LeFay even previously stated via an old Reddit AMA that he’d be interested in making a pseudo-sequel to The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall but that it would “have to be done in such a way that I wouldn’t have business-related issues.” That certainly seems to be a possibility now given the power structure of Once Lost Games. 

What does a Daggerfall continuation even look like in this day and age, though? Daggerfall is infamous for featuring the largest game world ever created (even if much of the world is just slight variations of other areas), so we imagine that game developed in the spirit of that RPG would need to be massive in scope. Beyond that, it would likely have to feature some deeper, more “traditional” RPG mechanics. We certainly imagine it would be more intimidating than a game like Skyrim

It would certainly be nice to get a new RPG of that style while we wait for The Elder Scrolls VI. Games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance showed that such titles can work even when they’re not made by a Triple-A studio, so we don’t doubt that Once Lost Games can make a large-scale RPG worth keeping an eye on.

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