Mendeleyev on 'The Voice': Watch His How-Low-Can-You-Go Audition

On Monday’s (Sept. 30) episode of The Voice, one very low, very distinct voice made all four coaches turn around. And the singer’s name was Mendeleyev Galileo Einstein Pythagoras Darwin Euclid Leonardo Alan Blitz (seriously).

With a name like that, he had to be unique. And his bass cover of Bob Dylan’s “Girl From the North Country” was one-of-a-kind.

“I feel like your voice just sounds like the best glass of pinot noir ever,” Kelly Clarkson said, in awe of his lush voice. “Like, I feel like a warm blanket was just wrapped around me and I’m being tucked in and it’s the most beautiful moment ever. I would love to hear a record of you on vinyl.”

Shelton, meanwhile, wondered if there might be a shorter version of the singer’s nine-part name. “You have a nickname we can use?” Shelton joked.

In addition to Mendeleyev, he also goes by “Lev” to make it a little easier on the coaches — but John Legend wasn’t intimidated.

“Mendeleyev, first of all, I’m not afraid to pronounce your name,” he said. “What I loved about what you did today is that it’s unique and artistic. No one else is going to do what you did in the way that you did it, and it was a really powerful moment. A lot of times we’re biased to the tenors that hit the high big notes like a Bruno Mars, but you’re fireworks hitting the low notes. Your tone is so rich and so beautiful and the story was wrapped in your voice.”

Looks like Lev liked a judge who wasn’t afraid of his name and picked Legend as his coach. Watch the full audition below:

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