Donald Trump Drags Nickelback Into War With Joe Biden: Watch

Canadian rockers Nickelback are the latest casualty in President Donald Trump’s war with his 2020 challenger, Joe Biden and and the former veep’s adult failson, Hunter Biden. After seemingly getting caught red-handed trying to extort the president of Ukraine into investigating Hunter’s tenure on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, the president chose to heighten his crusade against the Bidens rather than just admit he was courting a foreign government to help him win re-election.

Trump’s unhinged rant about Hunter Biden’s mostly imagined wrongdoing during what was ostensibly a joint presser with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö apparently didn’t satisfy his blind rage. While drunk with anger, the president, or more likely, one of his social media lackeys, decided to post a video consisting of the Nickelback video for the song “Photograph” paired with a picture of Hunter Biden golfing with Ukrainian energy executives. The origin of this particular video is unclear, but Trump’s aides have shared janky clips they’ve found on pro-Trump subreddits in the past.

In case anyone was wondering if a photograph was supposed to be the focal point of the video, Trump wrote “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH” in scream caps.

There’s likely a shady subtext in the lyrics, particularly the line “And what the hell is on Joey’s head,” likely referring to Biden’s rumored hair plugs. Apparently Trump never heard that saying about glass houses and stones.

In any case, SPIN reached out to Nickelback’s reps in order to find out what they think of their music and video being used in this way, but they didn’t immediately respond to our request for comment. Whatever Nickelback’s past crimes against good taste may have been, they didn’t deserve this.

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