Play bingo with us at Trump

This week, Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress made headlines after predicting that a “civil war-like fracture” would surface if President Donald Trump’s impeachment were to materialize. If the Civil War sequel Jeffress warned about happens before Thursday, Oct. 17, Dallas may be a major battleground, as Trump will be hosting a “Keep America Great” rally at the American Airlines Center that day.

This isn’t the first time the president has made an appearance at the home of the Dallas Mavericks. During the infancy of his campaign, Mark Cuban let Trump use the venue free of charge for a September 2015 rally. Nine months following this event, another Dallas rally was hosted at the much more intimate South Side Ballroom. Subsequent Dallas appearances have been rather sparse during Trump’s presidency, which makes this an even more noteworthy occasion.

This affair will be the source of unbridled anticipation for some of Trump’s most ardent supporters in the area, but for others, it will be cause for great chagrin. Still, there’s a small contingent within Trump’s dedicated base of detractors who would go to this rally out of morbid curiosity, and if that applies specifically to you (or if you’re a Trump supporter with a good sense of humor), it may be best to take this opportunity to have some fun with it.

That’s why we created the bingo card below for you to use when you make your way down to Victory Park for the campaign event.

Play bingo with us at Trump’s Dallas rally!

Garrett Gravley

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