Listen: Expert debunks scary myths about spiders

That does not happen at all. So spiders, there was even a story out of Australia where somebody claimed that there was a spider burrowing through their abdomen and they could see like a red line through their skin. Spiders are very adaptable organisms, but the first thing is, they’re very soft-bodied, and they’re very delicate in a lot of ways. They are very easily injured.

If you puncture a spider, it won’t be able to move anymore, so spiders, if they get squished even a little bit, they can be mortally wounded because they need pressure to move their legs out. They don’t have muscles to move their legs out. They use hydrostatic pressure, basically.

They also don’t have any egg-laying device, any hard egg-laying device, so they wouldn’t be able to inject eggs into anything anyway. Spiders lay their eggs, they’re very soft, circular, spherical eggs. They almost always in an egg sac. Either in a round egg sac where they lay it on a surface and then cover it with a thick silk.

Some spiders, like wolf spiders, will carry around their eggs with them and then when they hatch, they’ll actually carry the babies around on their abdomen. Other spiders leave the eggs to survive on their own, but none, unless they’re laying eggs in the crack or crevice in some bark of a tree, something like that, they can’t lay eggs in anything else.

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