Gloria Trevi's 'Dios de la Noche' Tour: Miami Recap

After making the rounds in September, Gloria Trevi — with special guest Karol G — brought her Diosa de la Noche tour to Miami’s American Airlines Arena Friday night (Oct. 4).

The show kicked off on time at 8 p.m. with Karol G surprising the audience with her own version of Selena’s “Si Una Vez.” During her one-hour set, the Colombian singer, rocking a sparkly light pink crop top and pant set, sang “Ocean,” “Culpables,” and “Secreto.”

“Thanks to the ‘goddess of the night’ for having me here,” Karol G said before closing out with party hits “Mi Cama” and “China.” 

Just after 9 p.m., looking like a princess at the top of a wedding cake, Trevi, joined by a six-member band and six dancers, opened up her set with an explosive performance of “Diosa de la Noche,” followed by her 1992 hit “Con Los Ojos Cerrados.”

“They made me choose between a good position and a relationship, and Miami, I chose you!” Trevi said to her devoted crowd, presenting “Abranses Perras” right after.

Throughout her two-hour set, the Mexican diva was a total show woman, changing her outfit various times on stage, including lots of lace, glittery boots and feathers. Her performance also featured lots of cartwheels and twirls with her dancers, the flaunting of her powerhouse vocals, and many colorful visuals.

“Life is short but when you are having a great time with the people you love, the night is long,” she said. 

Trevi’s lineup told her life story, from the hardships at the beginning of her career to her rollercoaster in love, to overcoming her life obstacles. 

She sang “Lo que una chica por amor es capaz” to describe how she is in love. With a beautiful lyrical dance, she performed “No querias lastimarme” to describe her heartbreak. And with an empowering performance of “Hijoepu*#” alongside Karol G, she proudly bid farewell to her ex.

“This was José José’s second home,” she said of the late Mexican singer while holding Karol’s hand. “A big round of applause for him.” 

As the night wrapped up, Trevi had the entire arena on her feet when she sang some of her classics from the ’80s and ’90s, including “Angel de la Guarda,” “Virgen de las Virgenes,” “Pelo Suelto,” “Dr. Psiquiatra,” and El recuento de los daños.” 

“There were people who wanted to step on me, but they couldn’t crush me,” Trevi said before closing her Miami show with “Todos me miran.” “Until next time, Miami, with your head up high,” she said in closing.

The Diosa de la Noche tour continues Saturday (Oct. 5) at Infinite Energy Arena in Atlanta.

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