Make Golf Courses Great Again? Trump's Scottish Golf Resort Loses Money Again

Although Trump‘s reelection campaign has raised $107 million online this year, his other affairs are struggling as his Scottish Golf Resort reported losses of $1.3 million and the seventh straight year operating at a loss, according to Newsweek.

In addition, Trump personally dealt a $50 million interest-free loan to the resort. These reports were followed by a proposal by Trump International to develop 500 homes, 50 hotel cottages, retail spaces, and other facilities on the estate that was approved on September 26. The development will cost $185 million and received scrutiny from the local authority over concerns of environmental impact and affordability of housing.

Furthermore, Trump International was also approved to build a second 18 hole golf course on a separate estate called the MacLeod course. The hope for the development of these estates in Scotland is the increased tourism and stimulation of the North East economy.

Trump’s golf courses are in trouble and after seven years, the best business decision by Trump International was more development.

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