[Podcasts] The Boo Crew Visits the House That Inspired 'The Conjuring'!

Every weekend through October, in addition to our regular Tuesday release, The Boo Crew will be bringing you episodes dealing with subjects like the paranormal and true crime with The Boo Crew’s Freaky Fridays! More episodes like these to come moving forward as we know it’s something some of you are interested in as are we, so we hope you enjoy! This weekend we are joined by Cory and Jen Heinzen, who earlier this year got the keys to the home of their dreams out in Rhode Island. The real life farmhouse that inspired the James Wan’s movie The Conjuring. The house lives in infamy as being documented by Paranormal Investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren for the horrific encounters experienced by the Perron family in 1971. The house was built in 1736 and as soon as the Heinzen’s moved in they instantly noticed a fair amount of paranormal activity. Rumor has it that the house is haunted by Bathsheba Sherman, a supposed witch who was practicing black magic and sacrificed her children to the devil.

“Alright first and foremost Bathsheba has nothing to do with this house,” Cory explains, “As much as the storyline and everything that’s cool about it, she had nothing, as far as our research, people we’ve talked to, all of that, she had nothing to do with this home, whatsoever. I won’t say it’s complete fabrication, I don’t know where it came from. It’s unfortunate because this poor woman’s life has been….”, Jen continues, “Her grave has been vandalized more times than we can count, and we can’t find any type of evidence that she was ever actually here.”

“It’s weird because the story that we received from Andrea (Perron) was that was the name of their dog. Carolyn Perron, who is the mother, named their dog, just on a whim when she picked up the puppy and they thought of a name- the name Bathsheba, which is a religious name, just came to her head and that was the name of dog. Now, how that tied into this other woman that lived down the road…” Jen adds “Well I think it came from the stuff I’ve found online, Lorraine Warren thought that maybe that’s what was haunting the house.”

Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter of five that live in the farmhouse for about 10 years, has chronicled the events that allegedly transpired to her family in that very home, in her book entitled House Of Darkness, House Of Light. The things that occurred include black mist, shadow people, physical attacks and a seance gone wrong.

What happened affected Carolyn so intensely that still to this day she can barely discuss it.

So what kind of things have been in store for the Heinzen’s? “Well we had…doors opening and closing day one,” says Jen, “It was exciting, it still is exciting!” Cory details some other unexplained experiences, “The easiest way to explain it is, we get flashing lights. Not UFO kinda stuff but, if somebody was standing in the corner, with like the old school flashbulbs and they would take a few pictures or whatnot, its just bright flashes like that and we’d see that like two or three times and then you’d see this blue…it looks almost like a, a blue lighting bug and it’ll float along and then all of a sudden it’ll dissipate and then you’ll hear like a small pop. We’ll get that upstairs all the time.”

The house will be the subject of Zak Bagan’s two hour Halloween Special airing on Travel Channel Oct 31st.

Jen and Cory have also rigged the home with cameras and EVP technology themselves. Cory chuckles, “There was a really good one after Ghost Adventures left! Yeah we can’t really..hahaha…apparently they didn’t like the host too much. It called him by name.”

Hear about some of the many other spooky occurrences at the house and the amazing story of the Heinzen’s, including a terrifying exorcism Cory experienced as a paranormal investigator, right now on Episode 72 of The Boo Crew. Available on Apple Podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get podcasts.

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