Terry Barr

Or, what music do you think our leader likes?

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Last night I watched the sixth episode of Ken Burns’ Country Music documentary on PBS. In 1973, the new Grand Ol’ Opry opened in suburban Nashville on the grounds of Opryland. There on stage was President Nixon, the only president ever to perform at the GOO.

Staggering, right?

I never liked Nixon, but at that moment, watching him play the piano for all the stars and attendees, I felt wistful. Nixon was sort of all right, in that CREEPY “I used to be part of HUAC way.”

On this evening, he “performed” a rendition of “Happy Birthday” for his beaming wife, Mrs. Nixon, and then broke into “God Bless America.” You may read about the event here.

He finished with a flourish, smiled, and gave that Nixon wave to everyone. The country crowd loved it. And why wouldn’t they? I loved it, too, but then, I knew as I watched how all this was going to play out in another year.

Still, good for ol’ Dick. He played the piano, had a musical bent.

Then I thought of Donald, our current president. I couldn’t help it.

I wonder what sort of music he likes?


Ted Nugent?

Urge Overkill?

I know, I’m reaching.

But don’t you wonder? In between tweets and watching TV, does he listen to Sirius XM? Which station? Tom Petty? Smooth Jazz? The Highway? Little Steven’s Underground Garage?

Then it hit me.

Or rather, the image of Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, standing together at that party in the Miami club one or both of them owned. They’re watching the girls that were privately invited (by them) “boogie-ing” to some sound the rest of us at home can’t hear. They whisper to each other, and then the future Prez claps his hands, and does some semblance of a fist-circling, get down move.

The footage lasts only a few seconds, but as far as I know (and no, I’m not going to “go on chasing rabbits, for I know I’m gonna fall”), this is our one clue into musical Trump.

Though I can’t hear the band, it’s the 90’s, right, so I’m gonna guess.

It’s Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, Donald Trump’s favorite band, whose “mega-hits” record was released in 1992. According to Wikipedia, the biggest, hottest cuts on the mega-mix were:

“Dr. Beat” and “Bad Boy.”

Yep, I can see this, but I’d still rather not hear it. I never cared much for Gloria and the Machine, myself. But each to his or her own.

And now I see this: when the president needs down time, he tunes his XM radio to channel 54, appropriately enough, the Studio 54 channel. After all, Donald is from New York, and didn’t he party at the famed club a few times?

It makes you wonder. You, not me. I’m done now.

Part 7 of Country Music is all cued up, and I can’t wait to see who else I might see playing piano in some forgotten part of our collective space. The heart of our country.

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