'Nancy Drew' spoilers: 5 questions that Season 1 must answer

Lucy Sable adds a supernatural element to the series. Is it strange for the show to include a ghost story?

Chelsea: The Riverdale-type world of everyone hiding a dark secret, small-town diners, and a palpable ‘60s aesthetic make for one crowded space as there continues to be a push for more of those “sexy” teen dramas (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the upcoming Katy Keene) we loved in the early 2000s. It could be argued that without the supernatural elements, Nancy Drew is essentially Riverdale — this narrative does, after all, revolve around a group of Teens With Baggage looking to right the wrongs of the messed-up town they live in by solving its greatest mysteries. The Dead Lucy narrative adds intrigue to a show that would otherwise feel far too saturated with what we’ve already seen time and again.

Mae: I actually think the supernatural element makes it even more like Riverdale, especially after their introduction of the Gargoyle King in Season 3. Riverdale may not have gone completely into supernatural territory, but it got awfully close. The addition of the Dead Lucy storyline in Nancy Drew seems like the answer to Riverdale being unable to go there. While it admittedly makes the town of Horseshoe Bay far more fascinating, it also invites a host of other questions — like why do ghosts exist in this universe? — that the series may not be ready to answer.

Chelsea: Riverdale got too big for its britches, and by that, I mean it took the fun elements of gothic horror and turned it up so much that we were left with a Season 3 finale that had so many explosive things happen, BuzzFeed needed to create a list just to keep track of it all, and yes, that unfortunately included the Gargoyle King storyline. It would be easy for Nancy Drew to suffer from the same pitfalls, but I think it has the capability to thrive in this supernatural-laden town given how many burning questions I have about this multiverse.

Mae: I just worry because not everything has to be Riverdale and there’s enough material from the books to give Nancy Drew its own unique spin. That said, I’m usually all about the supernatural. If the series can keep it contained, then it has potential.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern on the CW.

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