Something old: bride embeds dad's cremation ashes into wedding nails

For many people, their wedding day is one of the biggest days of their life. Shared with your closest friends and family it can be heartbreaking when a loved one passes before the big day. So when Charlotte Walton’s father died just a few months before her wedding, she decided to pay tribute to him in a unique way – by having her nail artist cousin Kirsty Meakin incorporate tiny pieces of her father’s “bone fragment” into her nails to wear down the aisle on the big day.

Documenting the process on YouTube, Meakin posted a 30-minute video for her 14k followers. Starting off like any other nail tutorial, the true action starts around the six-minute mark when she delicately starts to apply her uncle’s ashes to Walton’s nails as if she were encasing glitter into the design. “We wanted to do something really special… because obviously my uncle couldn’t be there for the wedding,” Meakin explains in the video. “It’s such a massive part of our lives that I wanted to do something really nice.” 

Since being posted, the video has racked up 64k views and moved many people with its creative approach to wedding day acrylics. One viewer comments: “Honestly love this idea .. its almost like her dad is holding her hand walking her down the isle !!😭😭😭” Another adds, “Beautiful, how perfect, every time she touches her hand she can have her dad right there, the circle of life had me crying, how touching x”. 

This heartfelt response from the public has sparked the impression we will soon see nail creations embalmed with the fairy dust of deceased family members as a result of this small act of remembrance. So if you’re not quite convinced as of yet, maybe let your family members know well in advance before your essence is sprinkled all over a frenchy.

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