Kevin Smith Sat Down With Us To Talk Weed, Caviar Gold, & New Strains

Legendary indie filmmaker Kevin Smith has officially thrown his backward baseball cap and oversized trenchcoat into the weed game, teaming up with California-based cannabis processor Caviar Gold for three luxurious high-THC high-CBD strains in a promotion for Smith’s newest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The strains, Snoochie Boochies, Berzerker, and Snoogans — a hybrid, a Sativa, and an Indica, respectively — will sound familiar to Smith-heads who grew up watching classics like Clerks and Dogma and are references to the non-sense mutterings of Jason Mewes’s Jay, one-half of the Jay and Silent Bob super duo. But are these strains any different from other big-name baring strains like Skywalker or Bruce Banner?

In a word, yes. If you’ve picked up weed from a shop or clinic before, you’re all too familiar with the anything-goes naming practice of weed strains. But no matter how fancy you feel smoking a fresh bowl of Gucci OG, what you’re smoking has very little to do with the Italian luxury fashion label, and more to do with some grower who was too stoned to think of a better name. The difference here is that Caviar Gold didn’t just slap the name Jay and Silent Bob on a random weed strain and mark-up the price — this partnership is not only official, but it also happened relatively organically.

“I had been smoking Caviar Gold all through the filming of Reboot,” the director told me over the phone this week. “Afterwards, Lash, a guy that works with Mike Brunson, Caviar’s mastermind, said, ‘Hey man, do you want to do the Cavi Challenge? You do a video where you try to smoke a Cavi joint all the way through in 15 minutes. If you win, they give you a box of Caviar, if you lose, you just smoked a Caviar joint for free…’ So we went and did it and had a blast.”

Smith’s thrill for the whole experience belies his reality — comic book nerd and avid stoner turned celebrity and avid stoner. His stoke is authentic.

“I met with Mike who was completely unfamiliar with our movies, which was… refreshing. It’s always nice to deal with somebody that you have to work a little harder to get. We started talking, then I brought Jordan into it — that’s Jason’s wife, she runs our company — and suddenly we were moving toward something.”

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