Howdy, y’all! McEric here with an Ain’t It Cool Exclusive:


UnCork’d Entertainment and MatchStick Pictures have teamed up to present EMINENCE HILL, a new western starring Lance Henriksen (ALIENS, TERMINATOR, PUMPKINHEAD), Dominique Swain (FACE/OFF, LOLITA), Barry Corbin (LONESOME DOVE, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN), and Clint James (AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead”, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN) directed by Robert Conway (KRAMPUS UNLEASHED, THE COVENANT). Check out the trailer here:



The synopsis for the film reads:


A notorious outlaw and his gang come upon a small homestead, killing both

husband and wife and kidnapping their teenage daughter. With the law

closing in on them, and after losing their way, the bandits find

themselves in the town of Eminence Hill, a community run by a group of

deeply pious and fanatical homesteaders.



Personally, I’m getting a Nick Cave’s PROPOSITION feel to this, coupled with aspects of the first half of FROM DUSK TIL DAWN. Maybe even a touch of THE DEVIL’S REJECTS. What I can’t quite tell from the trailer is how Henriksen’s character fits into all of this, and frankly I’m okay with that. If I could divine it all in a minute and thirty-eight seconds, why watch the film at all? And you’ve got to admit: that final line was a good one.


“Only a time or two has Hell spit out a man such as this.” 


If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite the good folks behind this film have given us access to this exclusive music video accompanying the film, “O Death” by Amelia Haberman. Check it out:



So, what do you all think? Westerns seem to be coming back into vogue these past few years, and this cast has the chops to give us something to kick our spurs at, methinks. We’ll be keeping an eye on this film as it nears its theatrical release date of November 1st, 2019.


Until then, I’ll see you at the movies!


-McEric, aka Eric McClanahan-


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