The Ink Drawings of Nina Bunjevac

Nina Bunjevac’s masterful stippled drawings have appeared as single works, portraiture, comic books, tarot cards, commercial illustration, and other forms. All showcase the Canada-born artist’s command of shadows and subtlety, with the ability to move between the macabre and the humorous within a single frame. Earlier this year, she released her latest graphic novel, “Bezimena,” a re-imagining of the myth of Artemis and Siproites.

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Only 15 copies left 🔥 the image was created in 2012, out of pure love, and given to my friends at Matrijaršija (Novo Doba Festival peeps) who ran several editions of the print, and made a huge success of it in Europe through the underground network of comics festivals. A friend of mine claims to have seen these in five different houses in Brussels. And so, we’ve decided to not do another print run. There are only about 15 copies left now, and in my possession. I don’t like mailing things. If anyone is interested, keep an eye out for my upcoming engagements, which I’ll post here. Should I come to your town, let me know, and I’ll bring your copy to the signing, or the event. 75.00CAD. Silkscreen print, 22″ x 26″ The road ahead looks like this: Brooklyn, Miami (November) , Luzern, Paris (March/April).

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“Drawing on her own traumatic memories of sexual assault, Ninja Bunjevac explores the warped psyche of a sexual predator,” the publisher says of the book. “Told through a noirish lens, Bezimena is the story of a man who develops a disturbing sexual obsession with a former classmate, steadily losing his grasp on reality. As his fantasies become increasingly lurid, the book’s imagery grows ever more surreal; in her masterfully lush, stippled technique, Bunjevac conjures mesmerizing dreamscapes and eerie allusions to the Greek myth of Artemis and Siproites.”

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