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Photos (and a video) of readers

Today we hear from reader Paul Monne, who also sent a video of his band; his captions are indented:

I’ll play.  I think my most notable contribution to your blog is that I took $10.00 from you on the results of the last presidential election.  [JAC: Assuming that Clinton would win, I made “sucker bets,” betting readers that she would, knowing that some people would be so appalled at the thought of Trump winning that they’d be glad to give me $10. Sadly, Trump won and I had to pay several readers, so I took a double loss.]

I’m not a Trump supporter by any means, (I voted NDP in the advance poll for the current federal election in Canada), but I do like to win a safe bet.   I’m watching U.S. news about Turkey/Syria/The Kurds as I type this, and I (sadly) still have confidence in the Democrats ability to #@$! it up again.  How about double or nothing?

My two things are cycling, (on track for 8,000 km this year, 5,000 miles for my south of the border friends), and music. The picture is from the summer at a 100 km Gran Fondo event I rode with my 89 year old father.

The video is of my band.  I’m the guitar player.

Not bad, eh? Now I’m having a fantasy about a band made up of readers. . .

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