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What inspired me to write this blog is from my friends who have been having bad review about the movie. It is ok to share their POV but it just created a wave of negativity which is just making me uncomfortable. But if you cannot take negativity or dark movie, then I would suggest you NOT to watch it.

#spoileralert For me I won’t encourage or discourage my friends from going to watch JOKER but I would suggest to them better not watch if they have a weak heart or cannot take depressing stuffs. *please see attached photo

It is rated R for a reason.

For me I find it inspiring. And although it is dark but I can say that there’s a good message in there. Many might only see the depressing side but me and my wife went to watch it and we felt the complex feeling of Joker. *shall not reveal more if not become spoiler liao 😬

For me, I respect the courage of Joker to find his own voice and himself in the chaotic world of Gotham City (which is a fictional world) It also shows that how much he has bear and suppress over the years. It clearly show how everyone have been suppressing and not being heard.

For example the scene with the psychiatrist, she is just going through motion and she is not listening to him at all. Many times we want people to listen to us but are we even listening to them at first?

The other scene where Joker release his clown colleague where he is the only one that treated him nice. Joker is nice and kind at heart. He has his good too and he know who are the one that he can be nice to and who aren’t.

In this movie, it became a reflection of my daily actions towards people. Sometime we are guilty to jump into conclusion that some people are bad. a lot of sterotyping like China people in Singapore, people with tatoos, people who smoke, and many more. in fact this movie teach me how to look deeper into everyone.

The Joker wasn’t bad from the start, his childhood and environment form him to who he is today. He is so insignificant. It show how madness can transform someone who was kind and just wanted to be happy. Although in the end, he became someone who was arrested and being “idolised” but if you were JOKER himself, he had achieved something which is being HEARD! He spoke out! He is the “devil” that we all had in us that we suppressed deep inside which overtime, this devil will come out and messed up our life.

For me, i find it inspiring because of how tough JOKER’s life was. He managed to step up and voice it out although he might be deemed as a BAD GUY (which he is in the comics) It shows the inside story of WHY a person turn bad. I put myself in his shoes, I would have committed suicide and end my life BUT Joker did not. Although i don’t agree his doing but i applauded his bravery and courage to step up for himself and many people like him.

This movie aren’t like normal movie. It is just real truth and what life is all about (the other not so nice part of life) All these are happening in a lot of places and might not be in our lovely country.

Anyway it is still a great movie and the actor is really 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 No movie director want to make the world or their viewers feel negative. They have a message to convey. The only thing still lies in you, how you look at the movies and also life itself. In fact there’s still some good in the movie too, do catch it 😬

Anyway it is just a movie like any horror movie. Don’t take it so serious everyone ☺️

Like Joker always say “WHY SO SERIOUS~”

Share below if you have watch it and what do you think?

Let’s try to share the good side of this movie ok?

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