'Nancy Drew' CW Spoilers: 5 questions we have after Season 1, Episode 2

Why is Nancy such a spoiled brat?

MAE: Throughout the episode, Nancy became harsh with Karen, acted out against her dad, and was playing judge to George’s life. Why is it that Nancy can’t react a bit more maturely?

CHELSEA: Though Nancy is presented to us in this “adult world” post-high school, working at the restaurant and barely in communication with her father (I can count the number of scenes they’ve had together on one hand), the show’s more pivotal events are a shocking reminder of how young she still is.

MAE: Yeah, she definitely has a lot of anger to work through. I know she is young, but she’s no longer in high school and she might be angry with everyone else when she’s probably just angry with her mom, so she acts out.

CHELSEA: Because we’ve seen so little fleshed out in this father-daughter dynamic, perhaps there’s more to Carson’s wrongdoings that could be fueling these angry, holier-than-thou outbursts.

MAE: Definitely possible. Last week, I found it odd that Nancy’s relationship with Carson was so strained. Again, the show hasn’t shown us why so it makes Nancy’s behavior come off as bratty and her dad as a suspect. It just seems like the show wants her to eventually suspect her dad, so they created this tense dynamic between them.

CHELSEA: I’d also love to know why Karen is even on the show other than to serve as a silent guardian angel for Nancy, because I’m not buying this quasi mother-daughter thing they have going on with the way Nancy treats her.

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