lady gaga falls off stage


On right, Lady Gaga right before she falls off stage with a fan.

Lady Gaga took a bad fall off a stage in an exceptionally awkward dance with a fan. Another fan at the Las Vegas, Nevada concert caught the entire moment on video. You can watch that video later in this article.

“Holy sh-t I can’t believe I got that on camera wait for her to fall holy sh*t,” the fan wrote when sharing the video on social media. The video shows Lady Gaga with her legs wrapped around an unidentified fan, who is trying to dance while holding her… or at least is doing something that vaguely resembles dancing. They then take a bad spill off stage as the hapless fan loses his balance.

Some people couldn’t help roasting the fan on Twitter, with one writing, “You have Lady Gaga climbing on top of you and you completely fall off stage. Homie really fumbled the bag.” Another wrote, “im soooo upset how do you get the grand idea to pick up lady gaga and then f*cking fall off the stage oh my godddd.”

Watch the video:

Here’s a second video that shows the Lady Gaga and the fan falling from another angle.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gaga Tried to Make the Man Feel Better After the Big Fall

The fall occurred during Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas show, Enigma, on October 17, 2019. It’s not clear whether Gaga was injured at all, but she did restart the show.

“Everything’s OK,” Gaga said. “We need some stairs by the d*mn stage so I can get back up.” She told the man “it’s not your fault.” They got back up on stage. “Are you OK?” she asked the fan, who gave her a hug. She suggested that they have some tea. “That was a fall,” she said. “Can you promise yourself, can you just forgive yourself right now for that happening?”

She repeatedly asked the man if he was hurt. She said she’d stage dived before. The fall terrified fans, but many praised Lady Gaga for her empathetic and quick-thinking response. One wrote on Twitter, “I was there. We legitimately all thought she was dead. Then she brought him up on stage and asked everyone on the internet to be nice to him and played the next song with him like nothing even happened. Poor guy was crying most of the time until she cheered him up.”

Gaga went on to kill a performance of Bad Romance. She’s been doing a Vegas residency since 2018.

“Imagine after this fall, you stand up and go to the stage and immediately defend this kid and then you sing with him,” another fan wrote on Twitter. “Only lady gaga can do this, she is real hero, I am so proud. For the whole morning I feel so sad because this happened.”

Wrote another: “Gaga really is that person who invited the fan that took her down back on stage, asked him to promise to forgive himself, laughed at her own falls then sang million reasons with him. I’m sorry but the world does not deserve @ladygaga.”

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