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A renowned Resident Evil 2 modder is splicing the goose from Untitled Goose Game into Capcom’s horror remake, and we are very happy to be sharing this news. After all, who doesn’t love seeing great games colliding in funny ways? After cat videos, mash-ups like these are some of the best silly videos to watch on the internets.

The modder, whose Youtube channel is called ZOMBIΞALI, is the same chap that previously plonked Thomas The Tank Engine into the Resi 2 remake. As with that train-stuffed mod, and another recent one including Pennywise The Dancing Clown, this waterfowl-based mod mainly hinges around the inherent funniness of replacing the terrifying baddie Tyrant with a recognisable pop culture character.

The modder hasn’t yet uploaded the full video of the goose stomping around the Raccoon City Police Station, but he has posted this GIF on his Twitter account to tease the full thing. Take a look…

If you’re unfamiliar with Untitled Goose Game, you’re in for a honking good time. It comes from the Australian developers at House House, and it allows players to step into the webbed feet of a prank-happy goose that is terrorising a small village with his mischevious missions into people’s gardens, shops and pubs. It’s basically a puzzle game with a comedy twist, and we’d definitely recommend playing it on PC on Nintendo Switch.

This year’s Resident Evil 2 remake is also well worth playing – we heralded it as a gory and glory reanimation. It’s a high-end reimagining of the iconic horror game, which stays true to the tone and feel of the original as well as adding in heaps of extra scares and ideas. The fact that Tyrant (aka Mr X) stalks you around the map is a particularly frightful addition.

The omnipresence of the towering Tyrant is also what makes mods like this so funny. The goose from Untitled Goose Game is more of a comedic character than a scary one, traditionally, but in the massive gap left by Tyrant he takes on a massive new menacing form. We’ll be sure to share the full video when it arrives.

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