'Pathologic 2' DLC

Back in August, it was revealed that Ice Pick Lodge’s Pathologic 2 was struggling in sales, and as a result, the team has had to pivot its scope. Part of that was offering “small free*” DLC content, one of which is The Marble Nest, which is out next week on October 28.

The asterisk, it turns out, means that Pathologic 2 owners will get it free, whereas for everyone else, it will be available as a standalone purchase for $10. Meaning, if you pick up the base game prior the October 28 release, you’ll get the DLC for free. The team also revealed just what exactly The Marble Nest is about:

Described as a self-contained story, the DLC is “a two-hour spin-off story in the world of the Pathologic 2,” where players assume the role of Dr. Daniil Dankovsky, “a scientist from the Capital, a fighter of death, and another doctor trying to save the Town alongside the Haruspex, and uncover a different perspective on the events—and Death itself.”

Still no word on the previously-announced PlayStation 4 or Xbox One ports.

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