'The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan slams Negan character as

“We didn’t learn anything about him for two years”

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has slammed his Negan character as “one dimensional”.

The character appeared at the end of season six, before being a permanent feature in the following two seasons.

“I thought the first couple of years that we knew Negan was very one-dimensional,” Morgan said, revealing that he believes the character to be better since new writer Angels Kang came in to replace Scott Gimple.

“To me, when Negan came out of the RV for the first time, we didn’t learn anything about him for two years, three years. And that was hard,’ the actor said while speaking at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta (via Metro).

Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead‘s tenth season began earlier this month, picking up its lowest ratings to date on the season opener.

The third episode of season 10, aired last weekend, saw questions emerge as to Negan’s loyalties.

In a recap of the episode, NME‘s Sam Moore wrote: “Elsewhere in walker world, Aaron and Negan get some screen time together (“peanut butter, meet jelly,” as Gabriel puts it), while the show continues to push the narrative that, actually, maybe Negan isn’t a bad guy after all (“I’m not that guy anymore,” Negan even says at one point).

“Aaron, equipped with a powerful-looking mace on his hand that enables him to simply punch walkers out of existence, isn’t too sure as he takes the former Lucille-welding villain to clear out batches of the undead, and the two go back-and-forth on the past.”

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