Edgar Wright Shares 'Baby Driver' Behind the Scenes Video of Jamie Foxx Dancing in a Michael Myers Mask

Remember that scene in Baby Driver where one of the characters accidentally picks up a set of Mike Myers masks for the crew to wear on a heist, rather than the Michael Myers masks that Jamie Foxx‘s character had requested? “It should be the Halloween mask,” Foxx screams when presented with an Austin Powers mask. “The killer dude from Halloween!

As we learned last year, that scene was originally going to feature two Michael Myers masks and one Mike Myers mask, with only one character wearing the wrong one. Myers masks were actually created by KNB for the scene, which ultimately wasn’t executed as planned because the rights holders didn’t give Edgar Wright and his crew the permission to use them.

In any event, Wright has taken to Twitter on the eve of Halloween to share a behind the scenes video from the set of Baby Driver that we figured you guys would get a kick out of.

Here’s Jamie Foxx dancing in a Michael Myers mask during a Baby Driver costume fitting!

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