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Cobalion, one of the trio of Legendary Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Black & Pokemon White, will be available to challenge in Pokemon GO Raids from November 4 to 26, according to Niantic.

Once you manage to catch one, you might wonder what its max CP and stats are. Well here they are.

Note: The stats and moves for Cobalion were listed on GamePress and are subject to change once Cobalion is officially released.

Max CP at Level 40: 3,022
Lowest CP at Level 40: 2,623

Max CP at Level 20: 1,727
Lowest CP at Level 20: 1,499

Attack: 192
Defense: 229
Stamina: 209

Type: Fighting and Steel

Quick Moves: Metal Claw, Zen Headbutt
Charge Moves: Close Combat, Iron Head, Stone Edge

Cobalion is unfortunately not worth powering up. While its defensive stats are great with a whopping nine resistances, it just doesn’t have the power you want from a fighting-type or a steel-type Pokemon. Not only is its attack stat pretty middling, but it’s movepool is pretty poor.

While Metal Claw is pretty decent thanks to its high Damage per Second (DPS) and speed, both of its fighting- and steel-type Charge Moves are outclassed by other moves. According to calculations from GamePress, Dynamic Punch and even Focus Blast are better than Close Combat by a pretty wide margin and Meteor Mash, Magnet Bomb, Heavy Slam and Gyro Ball all have Iron Head beat.

Fact is there are much older and better fighting-types and steel-types to choose from. For fighting-types, you have Machamp, Breloom, Blaziken and Hariyama. For steel-types, you have Metagross, Dialga, Excadrill and Scizor.

Here’s hoping the other Pokemon in the trio fare better.

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