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James Cameron-y enough to elevaze the franchise, which felt like a miserable miraculous scene of their time, it is worth noting that Cameron’s original film was an unfriendly post-apocalyptic post-apocalyptic b-movie-playscian video-proto-games, which has its empty attitude to the efficiency of the murder of God by The Robot has its killer title. (Part of her skill was the way Arnold Schwarzenegger’s expressiveness came out as an actor in a semi-prank.) “Terminator: Fate of the Dark” is a film designed to impress you with its size and visual effects, but it is also a film that returns in a good and satisfying way to the classic genre of history that is the original Terminator”kick gave, skillful to refine. The new film deserves its elaborate work (and also its emotions), because no matter how violent the Baroque sees it at the end of the day, the narrative remains tied to the ground.

In a world beyond the consequences and reconfigured and booted, “Terminator: The Fate of the Dark” is an example of opportunism, but in its own way a stubbornly optimistic form: doing more. The film, directed by Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) with bold, rocky craftsmanship, marks the first time since “Terminator 2: Doomsday” James Cameron’s return to the series (as executive producer), and in the moments of the film it almost seems to tell her, “Well, we admit it, the last three movies”. Terminator “Sucked. They worked — the film feed of declining returns and the movies that made their wheels. So guess: we forget everything about them. Pretending that they never existed, and taking our word for it, is the true third part of the series”. Such a thing can become its own form of hype, but in this case it is a promise that the film brings to the bank. “The Fate of Darkness” is slender, difficult, and absorbs the sequel, which draws on the captivating surface of the comic dynamic series “Terminator” and its dark sweet patch of majestic pulp legends.

Our call to be clear, however: A part of how to achieve a movie that is colored exactly within the lines and offer a new list of characters by swapping it for another in one character and mode with almost mathematical precision. Therefore, it is not a film of a fantasy crowd. After the “Dark Destiny” the body is placed on the metal bones of its concept.

When we meet Danny Ramos (Natalia Reyes), a young woman who works with her brother on the assembly line in Mexico City, she looks the essence inconspicuous, and that’s design-wise. Danny is Sarah Connor’s equivalent of Linda Hamilton in the first “Terminator” woman must be protected because she (we assume) is destined to give birth to a future leader of the war on machines. But the real thing Danny gives birth to is her sense of agency, and Natalia Reyes leads her with a slow building fire that might remind you of the young Michelle Rodriguez.

Grace (Mackenzie Davis), the number sent from the future to protect her, like Michael Biehn and Kyle Reese with the good man Arnold played in “T2” — but Grace is nifty Terminator. It is an increase, which means that human living breathing is biopsically improved with the intense force and thinness of super-technical body parts. Mackenzie Davis, in a dashed short hair that quietly brings out her possessive quality, lends her breathless magnetism — it’s the film’s focus to revive courage, from a brave new world of powerful women who stand up to see their fate to claim.

As the film’s relentless Terminator boy, Gabriel Luna has a purposeful glamour (and in moments a kind of unconscious smile, a sign that he’s enjoying his destructive mission) that makes him and the next generation of the assassin of the Polarizer Robert Patrick Cyborg in “T2” features.” It is not only the prototype of the character that was promoted; Next, the effects of the shape shift that defines it. Like the refined style of the old Apple product (see, it’s tin now!), “Terminator: The Fate of the Dark” rebels in the new metal, that is, black tar is the new mercury. Whenever the Luna Terminator is hacked or hit, the wound (before immediate healing) turns into a lava flow that drips, flows and repairs. It also has the ability to completely separate itself from the shiny creepy smile endoscopy.

In the “Fate of the Dark”, the very imposing series of “Terminator” — which increases the warning to the fascist power determined to destroy the civilization that created it — has gotten a facelift. Skynet, the deadly computer of The Mind, has been defeated in the future, but the characters are now in danger… Legion. which is basically the same thing.

The actual wildcard of Fate of the Dark proves that even the most classic element of this series can be recreated. Linda Hamilton plays the role of Sarah Connor as a criminal who arnold since his death (T-800 (John Edward Furlong Hamilton, in coarse hair and aviator tones, shows weapons the size of guns, and the movie anchor with a royal type was about — very long to give and-k Madame Max Charisma.

Thirty-five years of saving the world have taken their toll, and Sarah’s meltdown has taken its toll to a purely wanted personality who thrives on alcohol and revenge. But Hamilton, who plays this burning bowl of the Savior, is a fun winner and alive. In Dark Destiny, like Susan Sontag, she is one, never more so, when an officer at the U.S. Border Patrol Detention Center in Laredo, Tex., threatens to put her in her own cage. (This word has all the social comments the film needs.) It puts human bets on the film so we know why this fight is still important. And so arnold does it in his own way. I won’t reveal much about Schwarzenegger’s return, but to say that his character was cut off by the defeat of Skynet in the future. Sarah despises him for what he did to her son, but it’s a hostile and sad connection that gives the film its spark.

So is the work miller stages with clarity such as dream and taste.

Production: A Paramount Pictures release of a Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, 20th Century Fox, Lightstorm Entertainment production, in association with Tencent Pictures and TSG Entertainment. Producers: James Cameron, David Ellison. Executive producers: Edward Cheng, Bonnie Curtis, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, John J. Kelly, Julie Lynn.

Crew: Director: Tim Miller. Screenplay: David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes, Billy Ray. Camera (color, widescreen): Ken Seng. Editor: Julian Clarke. Music: Tom Holkenborg.

With: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Edward Furlong, Diego Boneta, Enrique Arce, Steve Cree, Tom Hopper, Cassandra Starr, Brett Azar, Tábata Cerezo.

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