Galvin gears up for local elections

Secretary of State William Galvin is urging voters to show up for local elections Tuesday, as 58 communities across Massachusetts roll out the ballot boxes.

“These are the important races where you live. These are the important issues to determine what things will be like in your community. They shape the future of your community,” Galvin told reporters Monday. “We know statistically people are less likely to vote in these municipal elections, but I think it’s important to think about it.”

Though Galvin said he anticipates a “decent turnout,” some communities are more likely to have higher participation rates than others, including the 34 cities that will be electing a mayor. He pointed to the “active” mayoral races in Revere and Medford as well as the open seats Taunton and Melrose as examples of communities that could carry around 30% to 40%, which he said would be considered “exceptionally high,” for a municipal election.

“Some of them are very contested situations,” Galvin said. “A number of them have been in contact with our office over various issues that are out there.”

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