Premium Swedish Slippers by Inabo

There is a tradition in Sweden and in a lot of other countries, to take your shoes off, when you enter a home. And instead of being barefoot, you’re usually wear comfy slippers but very rarely stylish! Well, look not further. Swedish premium slipper brand Inabo is offering an very stylish answer (finally!)

Founded by couple Sofia Jansson and Ludvig Lindberg, the brand’s vision is to create beautiful yet comfortable indoor shoes equally suitable for entertaining as for solitary relaxation. Designed in Stockholm and handmade in Portugal, Inabo offers casual decadence to your everyday life.

Inabos are stylish enough to match your painstakingly designed home, the art on you walls and your curated outfit, but also comfortable enough to wear when lounging on the couch.

Founders Sofia and Ludvig bring widely different experiences to the table. Sofia has a background within fashion marketing, with previous employers such as Vogue US and Alexander Wang among others. Ludvig on the other hand is a former lawyer, now venturing into a new, creative field. Their more holistic vision with Inabo is to encourage people to slow down, to stay in and to value me-time over screen time. And to keep feet toasty and well-clad of course.

”We wanted Inabo to reflect the inside of our own home – with vibrant colors and a sort of feeling of playfulness and ”more is more” rather than the traditional Scandinavian austerity.”

“We drew inspiration from our common interest in contemporary art, mid-century interior design and fashion when designing the slippers” says Sofia.

With production at a small, family run factory outside of Porto, Portugal, all slippers are hand made using the finest craftsmanship. 16 manual steps go into the making of each slipper, with the sole alone being constructed from 7 separate elements. This creates soft, comfortable and at the same time beautiful slippers made out of premium leather and suede.

“The goal was to create something beautiful and comfortable, something that can be both playful and timeless. So you can wear your slippers with every outfit, on every couch and to every occasion.” says Ludvig.

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