Ranking The Craziest Wigs On TV

Talk about wigging out!It’s a truth universally acknowledged that wigs are a Hollywood necessity. Bad wigs, however, can totally ruin an entire production. You might think we’re being facetious or slightly melodramatic, but just think about it. One ratty pelt could transform your favorite character from a glorious being to a Raggedy Ann lookalike. That’s the power of a busted wig — it can thrust a multi-million dollar TV production straight down the toilet. Alas, even the greatest actors and actresses can’t survive an ill-fitting wig. Many have tried to overcompensate with their terrific acting, yet we can’t help but avert our eyes back to the skunk sitting on top of their head. It’s a curse, really. The wiggiest wigs have altered the course of some small-screen gems. From the sad potato sack plopped on Stephen Amell’s head in those Arrow flashbacks to the hairy, mind-numbing monstrosities that have plagued the cast of Once Upon a Time, there certainly are tons of wigs worth talking about. Thankfully, not all wigs are a major letdown. In fact, some TV shows feature works of art when it comes to fake hair. These wigs not only fit perfectly but they look so natural that we’re fooled into thinking it is the star’s real hair. Now isn’t that something? That’s what we call TV magic!In honor of all the best and follicly-challenged TV characters, we are ranking the the good, the bad, and the ugliest TV wigs of all time. So sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn because things are about to get really hairy.

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