Mike Holtz

A movie like ‘Parasite’ is best gone into blind so I’ll be vague here for your viewing sake. Because you must watch this movie!

‘Parasite’ is a film about a poor family and a rich family. Their lives integrate when the very cunning poor family finds a way to make money off of the rich family. It’s as if a film like ‘Matchstick Men’ was infused with the dread of ‘Green Room’ and the dark comedy and classism satire of ‘The People Under The Stairs’ using the cinematographer from ‘Skyfall’. Wow, I really indulged with that one. I’m dizzy. (The cinematography of ‘Parasite’ was done fantastically by Kyung-pyo Hong)

All this resulting in some horrific, heartbreaking and hilarious twists in a movie that has as much to say as it is entertaining. Don’t confuse having something to say with an agenda, however. ‘Parasite’ is one of those rare gems that doesn’t ever become preachy or indignant. It’s a goddamn agenda-less beacon of hope in the night for those wanting to be shown rather than told in the year of 2019.

There’s also something about a movie in 2019 that somehow manages to shock it’s audience for more than a mere scene or two (for instance the end of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’). Even in the movies we’re most excited to see in the theater these days, it feels like we already know what to expect before we walk in the door on most occasions. The movies which move the needle beyond expectation even in the slightest are such a pleasant surprise. ‘Parasite’ grabs the needle and stabs you in your stupid fucking judgemental face with it. In a good way. It’s fun. No, really!

The best thing about ‘Parasite’ is that you enjoy, understand and sympathize with every character brought on screen. The members of the poor family are hilarious, smart and extremely charismatic. The members of the rich family are hilarious, smart and extremely charismatic. Director Joon-ho Bong (The Host)made a film that is extremely human, dark, hilarious and so fucked up that it never becomes boring. Not for a second.

Everyone is flawed but not in a damning way. In the human way…..in which we don’t realize when we are being spoiled or lazy or enabling to the weaknesses of those around us. The cast exacerbates this as every single performer in the film is fantastic to the point where I wanted to see more of them all. The father of the poor family, Kim (Kong-ho Song) stands out the most, but everyone on screen is a goddamn delight.

‘Parasite’ is a very hard film to categorize but I’d say it’s a black comedy/drama/horror/social film and one I seriously feel like it would be hard for absolutely anyone to not enjoy. The kind of rare film that will leave you not knowing what’s going to be on the other end of that camera at any given moment. Here’s to the most entertaining and human film I think we’ll see in 2019.


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