Worker dies after chemical exposure at Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington

The general manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington is dead after being exposed to a lethal mix of cleaning agents Thursday night, according to the Burlington Fire Department.

Firefighters evacuated the building, and two customers and 12 workers were treated at Lahey Hospital in Burlington after a 5:36 p.m. report of a chemical reaction in the kitchen area, Interim Chief Michael Patterson said. As of this morning, all had been discharged, except for the general manager, who was pronounced dead Thursday night, Patterson said.

“Obviously, our thought and prayers are with the family of the victim,” he said. “We were told he was a very popular employee and was well liked.”

The incident occurred when one worker put a cleaning product called Super 8, or sodium hypochlorite, on the floor without realizing that another, Scale Kleen, which is predominantly composed of acid, had tipped over and spilled on the floor, Patterson said.

“These two products are often used,” he said, “but when they become mixed, that’s when the problem occurs.”

The worker told firefighters the product turned green and began to bubble, Patterson said, and he immediately stepped outside because his eyes began to burn.

“The general manager unfortunately grabbed a squeegee and tried to push it outside, but he was quickly overcome,” the chief said. “He began having problems breathing.”

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