Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes: Saturday Night Live has given us a wonderful gift in the form of a five-part roundup of every Stefon sketch ever. The popular SNL character was originated by former cast member Bill Hader and is known for appearing on the “Weekend Update” segment opposite former SNL head writer Seth Meyers doling out truly awful advice about what to do in New York City.

Now, SNL has released a five-part roundup of every time Stefon has appeared on the show. While it’s not necessarily pegged to anything (last year would have marked 10 years of Stefon), who needs a special occasion to serve up some Stefon goodness? The roundup begins with the very first sketch Hader’s Stefon appeared in which was not, in fact, a “Weekend Update” segment but rather a sketch called “The Pitch” featuring host Ben Affleck. From there, we can track the development of Stefon over the years, with Hader getting even more comfortable playing him and making the Stefon schtick feel fresh no matter how many times he appears on “Weekend Update.”

It’s a genius move from SNL, releasing a complete roundup of videos featuring what may be one of the best characters in recent memory and arguably an all-time great. Hader is such a good performer and it’s truly so much fun to see him swinging for the fences every time. Plus, you weirdly never get tired of seeing that knock-off Ed Hardy shirt or those big clunky rings of Stefon’s. Bless.

For more recent SNL goodness, check out host David Harbour‘s Joker parody. The world is infinitely better with Stefon in it, so make sure to check out the rest of the Stefon sketch videos below:

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