Quiz: The Week In Geek - Batman, Fortnite, She-Ra!

Warner Bros has been trying to get a Superman game off the ground for multiple years, an insightful Twitter thread seems to have revealed. Of course, Clark Kent/Kal-El has appeared in loads of video games over the years – including the Injustice fighting series, which gave us the image atop this page – but DC’s Man Of Steel hasn’t had a standalone franchise on modern consoles as Batman has with the Arkham series.

Before we get started, it’s worth pointing out that this Twitter thread doesn’t come to us from a member of Warner Bros staff, so we should take it with a pinch of Super-salt. The thread comes to us from a journalist named James Sigfield, who writes games content for Geeks Worldwide. Sigfield states from the start that he is “only going to use photos already online so as to protect people who are still potentially under NDA”.

“In 2013, WB started actively taking pitches from many producers, directors and the like within the gaming industry to create their own Superman game”, Sigfield claims. He then posted this Tweet, complete with concept art, which explores the idea of an “open-world” Superman game set in Metrolopils…

Sigfield goes on to claim that this open-world game “didn’t get too far into prototyping before it was canned by WB.” He then moves on to discussing a second pitch, that was seemingly titled Superman: Unbound, which apparently went into development in 2014. Here’s some artwork…

Superman: Unbound, according to Sigfield, would have been set in the shrunken city of Kandor and been less open-world than the previous idea, “so as to limit Superman’s vast array of abilities.” Sigfield also claims that Brainiac and Doomsday would’ve been among the villains in Superman: Unbound. Here’s some more concept art…

As for the reasons why Superman: Unbound never got made, Sigfield offers this potential explanation: “around the same time WB was expanding their DC output, they had mandated that every game to use the Arkham engine. Getting Superman’s flight to work in that frame would’ve been near impossible… at the time.”

As an interesting aside, Sigfield notes that the cancelled Suicide Squad game by Warner Bros Montreal (which was teased in Arkham Origins), had to follow a similar mandate of working within the Arkham engine. Sigfield says WB Montreal’s project “would’ve had you zipping from gargoyle to gargoyle as various SS members like Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, and Katana.”

Sigfield closes out his thread by claiming that “WB has continued it’s pursuit of an open world Superman game, listening to pitches from various people within the industry. Whether or not they green light one is up to them. And who knows, they might have already done just that.”

You can read the whole thread at this link, and we’ll be sure to let you know if any further news does come to light. Here’s hoping that, at some point, a big new Superman game does get a chance to take flight.

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