Interesting. This is the second time that both a movie and its parody have made this list. Not only that, it’s the second time a movie and its parody made by the Wayans made this list.

I am more convinced than ever that these scripts are generated by an AI. Despite coming out 7 years apart, they’re just so similar. Unfortunately for the world, the one distinguishing element that they decided to introduce here is a god-awful supporting character named Kateesha who almost makes me wish I was watching 50 Shades again instead.

This is the face you see when you die. There are no jokes here. No glib commentary on a particular egregious violation of cinematic procedure. Kateesha stands at the end of this mortal coil, waiting to call you the N-word and recite back an inventory of the hours you wasted on frivolities such as this movie. Kateesha is the avatar of the void.


  • The field of machine learning as it pertains to generating novel text has been greatly expanded thanks to the work of the Wayans family


  • By the year 2025 there will be more parody movies than original movies. Eventually, original screenplays will be seen as a low, fringe form of entertainment while studios will churn out increasingly meta-referential parodies until eventually the highest form of comedy is a half hour recording of the audience reflected back on itself.

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