New 'Resident Evil 2' DLC on the Way?

Capcom seemingly appeared finished with its DLC plans for their recent remake of Resident Evil 2. That’s until a recent update added a hidden achievement to the game that has some speculating we’re not done yet with additional content.

The additional achievement, which is also in the game’s Japanese version, was found at the bottom of the game’s achievment list, and has a crudely drawn Kanji symbol as the picture. The symbol roughly translates to “placeholder” in Japanese, and has “EN_name” as the achievement title. This also only appears on the Steam version of the game.

That’s not all, either. Looking at the game’s branches on the Steam database, the game was recently updated with a few new branches over the past couple of days. These branches are used for internal testing on locked builds of a game.

Capcom has been mum on the subject of further DLC for RE2. But with “Gold” or “Game of the Year” editions of games past, they’ve put together compilation packages of all of the DLC for a game, and have even thrown in more DLC with these versions.

Whatever the case may be, the anniversary of the remake’s release is on January 11, so what better way to “surprise” fans with more content?

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