Sarah Michelle Gellar-Starring Psychological Thriller

We learned nearly one year ago that Sarah Michelle Gellar was set to star in and executive produce the small screen psychological thriller “Sometimes I Lie,” a limited series adaptation of former BBC journalist Alice Feeney’s novel, and The Wrap brings the word today that the project is now in development at Fox. The network has given the series a script commitment.

Gellar will star as Amber Reynolds, a woman in a coma who “can’t remember how she got there, but she knows it wasn’t an accident.”

“Terrified and trapped in her own body, she tries to piece together her memories of the last week.”

“With a husband who no longer loves her, a sister hiding a dangerous secret, and an ex-boyfriend who can’t let go of her, Amber knows someone is lying – and that her life is still very much in danger. Alternating between her paralyzed present, the week before her accident, and a series of childhood diaries from 20 years ago, this psychological thriller asks: Is something really a lie if you believe it’s the truth?”

Ellen DeGeneres will executive produce through A Very Good Production. Robin Swicord (Memoirs of a Geisha) is also on board to executive produce and write the script.

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