Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolve Farfetchd

There are a lot of Pokemon in Sword & Shield, but the noblest pocket monster is undoubtedly Sirfetch’d. The new evolution of Farfetch’d, Sirfetch’d is a Fighting-Type Pokemon that evolves in a rather unique way. Unlike other Pokemon, Farfetch’d actually evolves by knocking out Pokemon, regardless of how much experience this creature earns in battle. The catch is that Farfetch’d has to knock out three Pokemon in a single trainer battle, not just random Pokemon throughout the Galar Region, to evolve. 

Because of this, once you have a Farfetch’d we suggest keeping him in your party as you roam around the world. This may take a bit of time, but once you find a trainer with three or more Pokemon, bring out Farfetch’d. Now focus on keeping this bird alive as he knocks out three different Pokemon during the battle. Make sure to have some potions on standby to save him if things get dire!

After the battle, if Farfetch’d knocked out three Pokemon, he will evolve into the bestest bird, Sirfetch’d. This is the only way to evolve Farfetch’d, so if you want to complete your Pokedex get ready to battle it out with this Pokemon. Currently, it’s unknown if Farfetch’d needs to do all the damage to a Pokemon or just land the knock out blow. Until we can confirm whether this matters, we recommend just using Farfetch’d throughout the entire fight.

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