I Poured My Soul Out On Old Book Pages


My name is Sydney Roberts and I am a Denver based artist doing art under the name Sacred Savage Art. I am a self-taught mixed media artist who has gotten where I am purely by passion and a good dose of trial and error.

My pieces are inspired but the fragility of the human experience, the balance of the good and the bad moments in life ( The sacred and the savage). My work is a mix of ripped book pages from different Buddhist books, poetry, philosophy, music, mythology. I use these as the backgrounds of my work so that my work tells a story within a story. I then use ink, acrylic, wood stain, watercolors, and other various mediums to create my imagery. I have attached a few examples of my works. My hope is for my art to spark an emotion within all of you.

Thanks for looking!

More info: sacred-savage.myshopify.com | Instagram

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