Christen Harper


Jared Goff pictured with girlfriend Christen Harper at the 2019 ESPYS.

Jared Goff’s girlfriend, Christen Harper, took to Instagram to celebrate the Rams quarterback’s birthday. Harper posted a photo of the couple together and sent Goff some birthday wishes.

“Happy 25th birthday to the greatest guy I know, so lucky to call you mine!! ♥️🐶 @jaredgoff #cougar,” Harper noted on Instagram.

After rumors surfaced earlier this year around the playoffs, Goff and Harper went official with their relationship during the offseason. Goff posted a photo of the couple attending the ESPYs together in July essentially confirming the two were an item.

“Fun night at the ESPYs. Was great to get a chance to honor all the fire fighters and first responders that were involved in the efforts with the fires last fall. Thank you all!” Goff posted along with a photo with Harper.

Goff & Harper Initially Kept Their Relationship a Secret

The couple were not quick to confirm they were together. Sports Gossip reported that Goff wanted to keep their relationship private during the 2018 NFL season.

Jared is hiding her from everyone except some friends. She was at the game last weekend but sat with the Whitworth clan and not his family and friends from home.

Goff Previously Emphasized That He Wanted to Win in the NFL Before Being in a Relationship

During his NFL career, Goff had been asked numerous times about his relationship status. Goff noted that he wanted to have success in the NFL before he was in a serious relationship. The Rams quarterback pointed to Tom Brady as the model for success in a 2017 Bleacher Report interview.

“Do you think Tom Brady is with Gisele [Bundchen] if he doesn’t win a Super Bowl? No,” Goff noted to Bleacher Report. “There’s nothing that matters if you don’t win games. It’s just like if you’re an actor or actress or a rapper or anything. If you don’t produce, people won’t care.”

The Rams Quarterback Admitted It Is Hard Dating in Los Angeles

Prior to his relationship with Harper, Goff admitted that the dating scene in Los Angeles is difficult. During a 2018 ESPN interview, Goff admitted that he wanted to find a girlfriend, and it appears a few months later he began dating Harper. The questions are listed in italics.

Could you see yourself raising a family in LA someday?
I need a girlfriend first.
It’s tough to meet girls out here.
It’s not tough to meet them.
Sure, says the quarterback.
No, I mean, you can meet a bunch of girls out here. It’s tough to keep them.

Things eventually worked out for Goff as he found Harper. After months of rumors, the couple has gone public with their relationship as Harper’s recent birthday message shows.

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