[Video] Modder Turns 'Alien Isolation' into 'Aliens Isolation' by Adding More Xenomorphs

We’ve talked about Sega’s Alien Isolation several times this past month. And why not? The game just hit its five-year anniversary, it’s still scary as hell to play, and the modding community is still strong.

In fact, one modder, Matt Filer, has just created a mod that cranks the game’s difficulty up, and while it might fly in the face of the game’s story, it’s definitely worth it if you like your challenge.

Matt’s “Aliens Isolation” mod (which is still being worked on) is simple: Instead of one Xenomorph, why not have two? Or three? Or eight?! Yeah, it’s a pretty simple idea, but if you’ve played the game on its highest difficulty, you know how hairy it gets with just one Xenomorph. Keep an eye out for this one, and enjoy the fear.

And while you’re at it, do check out Matt’s other mods for Alien Isolation.

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