If you’re watching Saturday Night Live, you see pastel-colored set design, and you hear a “brrrrrroooooiing” sliding guitar on the soundtrack, you know you’re about to watch a Kyle Mooney sketch. The eccentric writer/performer, hired to the show as part of the Good Neighbor sketch comedy collective (also including fellow cast member Beck Bennett, segment director Dave McCary, and writer Nick Rutherford), is the show’s key purveyor of cringe-inducing ’90s nostalgia filtered into surreal nightmare-scapes of deadpan brilliance. On SNL‘s most recent episode, hosted by Harry Styles, Mooney gave us a sequel to a previous sketch with Woody Harrelson. While this second one was cut from the initial broadcast for time, it can now live forever in YouTube and in your eyeballs.

Mooney is Scotty, a senior at his high school who’s into wholesome activities like reading and not girls. Styles is Jason, a freshman who’s on the varsity wrestling team and has cool friends who want to see the latest action film — but is still sympathetic to his nerdier older brother. And when Jason’s friends bully Scotty embarassingly (multiple milkshakes on the head, natch), Jason must retreat into his fantasy world of Hype Williams meets after school special rapping to express his emotions.


Image via NBC

I always enjoy seeing how a host plays in Mooney’s world. It’s a specific tone of voice that can cause some hosts to trip up and overplay. But Styles, becoming more and more of a mature performer post-One Direction, fits in beautifully. His line deliveries destroy me, dripping with equal parts “cool apathy” and “trying to care.” Plus, thankfully, we have the triumphant return of Chris Redd‘s Colby, an authentically 1990s rapper (who sounds an awful lot like The Notorious B.I.G.) who always derails Scotty’s train of thought with irrelevant raps. I straight up love all of this shit — and if you’re into Mooney’s particular brand of comedy, you will, too.

Check out the full “Jason” sketch below — and I’ve also embedded the predecessor “Dad” for your viewing pleasure/so you can get the full EKMU experience (Extended Kyle Mooney Universe). For more SNL goodies, check out the most recent addition to the Five-Timers Club. Plus, don’t forget about their genius Joker parody earlier this year. And here’s every Stefon sketch, just because.

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